Capture The Magic!

Cherish the magical moments of Christmas
& share the magic with children in need.


We all need some magic in our life

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We all need some magic in our life

Christmas means a lot of different things to all of us. For some, it’s time with the family, or finally a few days off work. For some, it’s having time to be active and for others, it’s days spent on the sofa doing nothing. For some, it’s going out to enjoy the snow and for some, it’s staying inside to keep warm with a mug of hot chocolate and a book. It is the fragrances, tastes, lights, and... a little bit of magic. This year, for Christmas, we would like to contribute to the magical moments of this time of the year. To our friends, colleagues, and partners – and also to children in need, whose magical moments might look different from what we are used to. Help us supporting the two foundations – creating their own magic. Instead of wrapping presents or organizing Christmas dinners for our clients, we created a magical caleidoscope so you can create your unique wallpaper to bring back Christmas memories and to use it for your online meetings. Merry Christmas. Have a magical one!

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